Ticket Control Gate

Ticket Control Gate HSB-CB21

For easy ticket control.

The sensor barrier reinvented

The SmartGate HSB-CB21 defines a new „state of the art“ level among sensor-based access control systems.


The completely newly developed sensor system with up to 256 individually evaluated sensors ensures outstanding and adaptable access control. All functions for the safety of persons are individually tailored to each barrier and perfectly integrated.

Our ticket control Gate is equipped with a ticket reader. All available ticket readers are integrable like RFID or paper tickets.
With the optional 3D person recognition, supported by the deep learning (self-learning) AI-based evaluation system developed by Cambaum, it is far superior to all conventional barriers.

The timeless and elegant design is optimally designed for all conceivable applications. It offers space for built-in modules for ID, passport, barcode and other readers on the market. The face recognition of the latest Technology (with face mask) can be integrated and thus offers additional security.



The drive and locking unit is reliable, stable and yet extremely quiet. Due to the service- and user-friendly accommodation of the electronics in pull-out compartments, maintenance and component replacement can be carried out comfortably.


Equipped with an intuitive user interface, starting with an icon to signalize the status and not ending with intuitive LED-lighting visualistion.


Areas of application
Versatile from railway stations, sports arenas, industrial access and more.

The SmartGate is made of highstrength, corrosion-free stainless steel, and thus offers the best surface to avoid scratches and wear, even with intensive use. At the same time, it has a carbon footprint that is up to ten times better than that of aluminium and this makes a major contribution to environmentally friendly equipment.

Technical Details

Housing frame with covers made of stainless steel, handrail made of aluminum with inlaid glass plate.

Blocking Elements
Two wings made of transparent polycarbonate.

Guide elements
All-round LED lighting on the handrail

Sensor Technology
Two horizontal strips below and above the door leaf.

Two vertical strips above the door leaf. Sensor technology with individual passage monitoring, opposite direction detection and isolation monitoring.

Drives built into the swivel tube.

Integrated control and power supply


  • Stainless steel housing offers the best available robust surface

  • Highly reliable and extremely quiet drive and locking units

  • A new developed sensor system with up to 256 individually analysable sensors

  • All types of readers like Passport-, Barcode-, RFID- and others are fully integrable

  • An advanced user guiding interface with intuitive LED visualisation

  • Basic unit and expansion unit modular system for easy upgrade

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