Personal Interlock

Personal Interlock PIL-CB01-02

Convenient single-entry solution for increased security.

The personal interlock is the ideal solution in terms of safety. It ensures a high level of physical protection.

With the combination of various access control mechanisms, it contributes  to a high degree of separation.


It is an electronically monitored interlock that meets high security requirements and offers optimal protection for sensitive areas inside a building. It  can also be used in façade areas; manned supervision or guards are not required.
As a result, it contributes significantly to cost reduction in the area of building management.
The very high level of safety is determined by several factors:

Separation inside the interlock by a 2-zone contact mat as well as a separation sensor based on ToF technology.
An authorization check is made possible with the optional reader post inside of the lock. Various identity verification systems such as face recognition can be installed for this purpose.




Other features of the interlock:

- User instructions and control via LED lighting outside

  and inside the unit. Various lighting combinations

  ensure a high level of user-friendliness.

- Adaptable lighting of the display inside the interlock also

  serves user friendliness.

- The reading column ensures a high level of user

  comfort in a small installation space without restricting

  the passage width.

- Door locks provide the highest level of security.


For an even higher security there are optional measures can be integrated additionally.

For example: reader, contact mat or presence sensors.
Alternatives for high security areas are reinforced bullet- and burglar-resistant versions, burglar resistance up to RC3 is possible.


Areas of application

Access to computer and research centers, banks, authorities, sensitive areas of government buildings, airports or companies.

Technical Details

Cylindrical, side panels of glass (VSG), powder-coated aluminium profiles. Alternatively metal side panels possible

Door leaf
Glass (VSG) or metal

On floor element or optionally prefabricated floor. Control and power supply units are installed inside the interlock and are easily accessible via a lockable maintenace flap, making the system very maintenance- and service-friendly

Upon authorisation, the first door opens, allowing the user to enter the interlock. After a separation check by the integrated sensor system, the first door closes. The check is  completed as soon as door 1 is securely closed and locked. Door 2 then opens and the user can leave the system. Alternatively, another identification check is possible before opening door 2. If the interlock is free of persons, door 2 closes automatically and the system returns to the initial state


  • User friendliness by various LED and monitor combinations

  • Up to 10 users per minute throughput relating to reader interfaces

  • Reinforced bullet- and burglar- resistant versions available

  • The optional available inside column ensures a high level of user guiding and information

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