Pre-checking Gate

Pre-Checking Gate HSB-CB04

For easy boarding pass check.

The Sensor Gate is able to work completely without security staff. An integrated boarding pass reader delivers the data to the airport, the airline or the CUTE provider. The position of the Pre-checking Gate is at an airport mainly before entering the security check in the terminal to let only passengers pass and not visitors in this area. Multiple sets of sensors are used to monitor the entrance and exit. Unauthorized access is denied to provide high-quality entrance and exit control. The Gate is also available in a version with two pairs of wings to operate as an interlock to increase security and safety.


  • Completely integrated sensor and protection system for increased safety
  • Excellent safety performance: the drive unit was designed to decelerate at any time to avoid collision or jamming of people and objects.
  • Emergency and fire signal linkage, to maximize the safety of passers-by

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