Hygienic Post

Hygienic Post ARP-CB21-01

For hygienic access solutions.

The hygienic post developed by Cambaum supports companies and organisations in implementing the extensive hygiene regulations.


The methods for prevention and containment of pandemics, such as hand disinfection, wearing mouth and nose protection, and observing social distance, apply to all areas of life.


In areas with a high number of people and facilities where access to people must be controlled and possibly restricted, Cambaum has developed a safe and hygienic access solution for automated entrances in the form of the ARP-CB21-01 hygienic post.


The post supports users and operators in monitoring and documenting compliance with the measures without additional personnel expenditure.

It can be integrated into existing access control systems or used as a standalone solution.



The sustainable solution is or can be equipped with the following modules:

- Hand disinfection dispenser
- Body temperature measuring device
- Display
- Camera for checking mouth and nose protection
- User guidance through adaptable lighting concept


This ensures that compliance with the required hygiene measures can be checked while at the same time providing convenient access.

Areas of application:
Versatile applications in public facilities such as shopping centres, airports, train stations, office buildings, etc.


The Hygienic Post ARP-CB21-01 is made of high-strength, corrosion-free stainless steel and thus offers the best surface to avoid scratches and wear, even with intensive use.

Technical Details


Stainless Steel polished and powder coated.

Circumferential LED display red/green for user guidance and for operational readiness of the unit.

Glass panel, ESG 6 mm, with integrated display.

Display size




Infrared camera for body temperature measurement.


Camera module

RGB camera module for recognition of mouth and nose protection and optional face recognition.


Disinfection Dispenser

Touchless, with integrated sensor technology.


The user positions himself in front of the post, looks into the camera, while body temperature is measured and the wearing of the mouth and nose protection is  checked. During this process, the hands can already be disinfected. If the entire process is positive, a release signal is sent, which is received by a downstream access system, e.g. an automatic door, and can be processed accordingly. If one of the criteria is negative, the door remains closed. If limits for a number of persons are set for a building area, the control is carried out via a counting sensor with a red/green display. If the maximum number of persons is reached, the display switches to red and the door is blocked. This function is  optionally available.


  • Body temperature measurement
  • Camera to check the mouth and nose protection
  • Camera for face recognition
  • Adaptable lighting concept
  • Counting sensor to determine the current number of people
  • All RAL colours available

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